Monday, September 18, 2017

School Again!

It's the second week of school for me and I am home schooled. This year I have even harder school than last
year so it's kind-of stressful. There are pros & cons of being home schooled for me and some of the cons are:
You don't have as many friends, and you don't have as good of a schedule.(mom does reading science etc. at different times each day) Some of the pros are: you usually finish earlier, and no homework!(but it is all at home)


MotherBear said...

Oh dear :(

Jane in Cumbria said...

How do you get by with no homework...???

balmesh said...

Lots of little "i"s. Can we have some grown up "I"s as well? I was always taught that little "i"s were for in the middle or start of a word containing an "i".
As for "No homework" - I'm jealous!!!!!

MrsNobody1166 said...

We just don't have any because our teacher is very nice:)